Ironmule Trucking Ltd: Water Hauling Based in Kamloops

Based in Kamloops, Ironmule Trucking Ltd offers water hauling services. Our water tenders/tactical tenders have been built for a variety of applications, and the tank and pump are heated to allow for winter work. The tank has a blending system for mixing gels and long-term fire retardants along with a foam induction system. Monitors are controlled from inside the cab and are capable of projecting a stream of product up to 180 ft. These trucks have been built for site watering and wildfire fighting. We currently operate three tandem water trucks. Among our trucks, one is equipped with high rail gear and features the Ironburro.

We can also support rural and municipal fire departments with our tenders. Call Ironmule Trucking Ltd for more information.

Tunnel Cleaning, Bridge Washing, and Culvert/Pipe Flushing

At Ironmule Trucking Ltd. we have specialized equipment for site watering, road watering, culvert cleaning, bridge washing, tunnel/snow shed cleaning, and wild fire suppression. All our trucks are equipped with water canons that are controlled from inside the trucks. Some applications include tunnel cleaning, bridge and road washing, and fire suppression. The benefits of these monitors are that these tasks can be performed safely and efficiently from the cab of the truck with no set-up or tear-down. The monitors can be used independently or in combination with the other spray heads. We have a variety of spray heads and nozzles to accommodate many different applications.

For culverts and pipes over 70 cm I have designed and built the Ironburro, a remote controlled vehicle that runs on a 12 volt system and uses water pressure to hydraulic material out of culverts. You can view the demo video on our Facebook page.

For culverts less than 70 cm I have designed and built the Watermole, a device that is similar in concept to a jetroder. These devices are powered by high pressure pumps, fed by 1.5 in. hose, with the Ironburro having a remote operating distance of 200ft. With these tools we provide an alternative option for culvert and pipe cleaning that eliminates confined space entries and/or complete replacement of the plugged pipe or culvert. Since we utilize water pressure with limited mechanical means, there is little to no impact on the infrastructure.

For more information on our water hauling services, call Ironmule Trucking Ltd today.


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